The format of this entry is pretty much a GIANT rip-off of my professional icon, Mindy Kaling’s, blog (Things I’ve Bought That I Love) but because I’m 100% flat broke, it’ll be more of a “dream” and “already own it” edition. you ready?

1. Oasis’ (yes, remember them? It’s like 1994 all over again) song “Little By Little.” A sublime balance of whiny angst and power-ballad. It just completely hits the spot right now. With lyrics like “little by little, the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off” how could you not agree?

2. This T-Shirt about Jesus and Noah playing hockey. I don’t have it, but it amuses me. I bet it amuses Jesus too.

3. British TV on the computer. Thanks to such GENIUS inventions as Channel 4 on demand and the BBC iplayer, I can finally enjoy such awesomeness as The IT Crowd, Hotel Babylon, and as much Father Ted as I please. However, I have to say I’m never going to get into EastEnders (sorry) and Shameless really doesn’t do it for me – even if it has the pre-fame hotness of James McAvoy. Which brings me to….

4. James McAvoy. Dude, Wanted is going to be off the hiz-zay!! Woot. I found this pretty awesome snap where you can’t even tell it’s him!

I was going to take a portrait photography class for fun at another school, but since the move has financially fucked me, that’ll have to wait for a while. I do love an interesting snapshot. I’d love to just set up a white wall in my flat and have friends over to play “photo shoot.”

5. Trish McEvoy (HA – a different McEvoy!) and her incredible Blackberry and Vanilla musk shower gel.

My mom got me the travel size of it for Christmas (note: it’s mid-March, I’m using it only for special occaisons to savor it, and use regular soap for the daily grind.) The smell!! Oh it’s so heavenly. I might buy some more the next time I’m stateside, it really does just kind of envelop you in happiness while in the shower.

6. Leatherheads. April 4th y’all. April 4th. Johnny K, Uncle George, period garb and football. I’m so excited.

7. Pasta al Limone – Ok I haven’t actually eaten this yet. But I watched a show (on Channel 4 on Demand!) telling me how to make it! And it looks so easy, even a kitchen idiot like me can do it! I hope it tastes as delicious as the picture.

8. Tatoos – Still want it. A small, discrete one. But am I too old? Do I care? I think it’ll be really cool if my brother designs it. Then it’s not just “body art” it’s like “I carry a piece of you with me always.” I feel like I’m going to end up with something to do with the sea.

9. Tommyguns Conditioner – HOLY CRAP. My hair is so soft and nice. And smells good too. With a badass name on such a sweet little product, it’s a win-win situation. I use the Plum and Marshmallow conditioner. Scrumptious. Totally gay but scrumptious.

10. HOPE. Yup. Hope’s the new black, people. Because no matter the shitty week you’ve had, you’re going to be ok. My friend is wait-listed for grad school. My brother has his professional showcase coming up. I’m trying to move/not die in the process. We’ve all got stuff on our plates. So have a little hope. Life won’t throw it at you if you can’t handle it. The waiting sucks. The anticipation is not fun. But we get by, with the help of friends, with the patience and love of family. According to Google (who never lies) an anchor is a symbol of hope. You know what else is a symbol of hope? SUPERMAN!!