Back in 1995, when I was but a wee thing of 13, my dad and I really enjoyed watching one television show together. We saw shit blown up, crimes solved, and justice administered with a steely grin and a right hook. This show was called “The Marshall” and its star was one Jeff Fahey

Oh man, I loved that show. But when it went off the air, I didn’t see Jeff Fahey anymore. Thing is, I wasn’t looking hard enough! He was everywhere! You may have seen him yourself in The Lawnmower Man, Sketch Artist, Wyatt Earp, Operation Delta Force, Jonny 2.0, Inferno, Hijack, Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, or more recently, Grindhouse. He pops up in just about everything!

And now, he’s made his way into the super-duper-big-leagues: he has a part on “LOST” as mysterious pilot Frank Lapidus (whom all the characters call “La-pee-dus” though I can only imagine it as rhyming with “rapid-us” – whatevs). The funny part is when he first appeared on the show, I didn’t recognize him! Probably because he has this big scary beard.

(Take THAT ZZ Top!!)

I went to, the source of all useless and nerdy info, and found out that not only is he one of the busiest working actors, he seems like a really cool guy too. One of THIRTEEN children. Broadway actor. Took up dancing at age 25 (when most dancers are already starting to “get old” and was awarded a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet, where he danced for three years!!! Incredible!!) He has also taught ballroom dancing, owns a production company, a construction company, and founded the “Black Sheep Grips” group of film grips.

Good lord! What hasn’t this man done?!?!

Jeff Fahey: Renaissance man. I hope “LOST” brings you your greatly deserved moment in the spotlight.