April 2008


How awesome is this leather jacket? Badass yet stylish. Quirky yet classic.

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Dear Miley Cyrus,

I actually think the photography Annie Leibovitz took of you for Vanity Fair magazine is quite elegant. It makes your slightly gawky 15 year old self look very elegant. So why exactly did you STAB HER IN THE BACK the minute people began to question the photograph?

If you’re really looking to break through the “teen mold” (like Jessica Biel did when she left 7th Heaven and posed naked for every magazine she could think of) then that’s your call. Teenagers can be so buck-wild! But don’t blame the photographer for something you were obviously 100% on board with. You even said you liked the photographs! I would respect you so much more if you had just backed Leibovitz up and said you were sorry people didn’t approve, but you liked the end results. Don’t just act like some little lap dog for Disney. Grow a pair. Grow up. Don’t just keep saying what you think people want to hear. Besides. We’ve all seen the photos on Perezhilton.com of you in your bra on top of some guy. I think the secret’s out. You’re 15. And an idiot. But that’s normal. Don’t feign sainthood, it doesn’t become anyone.

Speaking of which Disney, you’re not off the hook either. You act like you’re “so disappointed” with Miley Cyrus’ choices, but how many young women have you already driven to insane slutdom (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, that chick from High School Musical who took naked pictures of herself….) with your bordering-on-facsist determination to maintain your stars “wholesome” images?

There must be a better way.

Congratulations (and high fives for amazing timing with the release of Baby Mama) to Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, two incredibly funny  and talented actors. They is having a bebe.


When my brother and I were little, and we started acting like spoiled brats, our Dad would mock our greed (in a loving way) by saying:

“Buy Me, Take Me, Show Me, Give Me!”

By hearing how awful we sounded (though exaggerated) we stopped acting like little douchebags. Thanks Dad!

However, all that being said, sometimes I get these uncontrollable pangs of materialistic longing, and I must revert to being a child, point, and say “Oooooh I want it!”

Once again (because YES, I’ve written about this before) it’s JELLIES. The greatest rubber shoes ever.

J.Crew has become a bunch of back-to-front jacket cases and made these gorgeous jellies! I want these ones (the red and the bejewelled) oh-so-much. They are so freaking cute! Have you ever seen cuter little shoes?

So if someone has forty bucks (yes, for shoes that probably cost a mexican orphan three cents to make) and wants to make me a very happy (albeit spoiled) girl, that’s cool.

Hello all!! I’m back! I’ll have to keep this short because I have actual (gasp) work of importance (huh) to do.

But this week, since my return to London, I have seen not one, but four awesome celebrities. For a while I thought I’d lost my touch since I hadn’t seen any since Keira Knightley/Ewan McGregor/Chiwetel Ejiofor but now I’m back on track and spottin’ celebs like I’m back in New York!

4 days ago: The Leatherheads premiere was in Leicester Square, and as I was extremely jet-lagged and needed to stay awake, I thought what better way to stay awake than to attend a movie premiere! It was there that I saw….and briefly congratulated over the shouting….George Clooney and Renee Zellweger!! They were both EXTREMELY gorgeous people (go figure) but they were also really nice to the fans that had come to see them. I mean, I know it’s in their best interest to be kind to those who support them, but at the same time, they aren’t forced to be nice. They could be assholes like Naomi Campbell. (Seriously, that chick sucks. I’m glad she’ll never be on any BA flights ever with me.) George and Renee were really kind and funny, engaging with even the creepiest and pushiest of fans, which I give them both mad props for.

On a side note, seriously America, what’s up? Leatherheads is this very sweet, funny, movie that echoes of Old Hollywood screwball glamour (yes, there is such a thing as screwball glamour, it’s the code I live my life by) and it finishes the weekend behind Nim’s Island and the Prom Night remake?!? (puts head in hands). Yikes.

Yesterday the celebrity bonanza continued! Stopping for a coffee I saw one of my living heroes, Stephen Merchant (co-creator of The Office and Extras, whom I also saw perform stand-up a while back) sitting there reading the paper!

I didn’t disturb him, as badly as I wanted to throw myself at his feet, and beg him to take me away from the nightmare that has been grad school and into the actual working world of comedy. But I didn’t. I let him enjoy his coffee and the paper.

Later in the day, walking through Covent Garden, I saw…Sir Derek Jacobi….Shakespeare powerhouse, and all around ass-kicking actor! You may know him from I, Claudius and Cadfael which I grew up watching, or his more recent gig as the human form of “The Master” on Doctor Who. (At some point I need to talk about this new series of Doctor Who, but today is not that day). He was majestic. He’s not a large man, but Jacobi carries himself like a king! It was dorkishly thrilling.