Hello all!! I’m back! I’ll have to keep this short because I have actual (gasp) work of importance (huh) to do.

But this week, since my return to London, I have seen not one, but four awesome celebrities. For a while I thought I’d lost my touch since I hadn’t seen any since Keira Knightley/Ewan McGregor/Chiwetel Ejiofor but now I’m back on track and spottin’ celebs like I’m back in New York!

4 days ago: The Leatherheads premiere was in Leicester Square, and as I was extremely jet-lagged and needed to stay awake, I thought what better way to stay awake than to attend a movie premiere! It was there that I saw….and briefly congratulated over the shouting….George Clooney and Renee Zellweger!! They were both EXTREMELY gorgeous people (go figure) but they were also really nice to the fans that had come to see them. I mean, I know it’s in their best interest to be kind to those who support them, but at the same time, they aren’t forced to be nice. They could be assholes like Naomi Campbell. (Seriously, that chick sucks. I’m glad she’ll never be on any BA flights ever with me.) George and Renee were really kind and funny, engaging with even the creepiest and pushiest of fans, which I give them both mad props for.

On a side note, seriously America, what’s up? Leatherheads is this very sweet, funny, movie that echoes of Old Hollywood screwball glamour (yes, there is such a thing as screwball glamour, it’s the code I live my life by) and it finishes the weekend behind Nim’s Island and the Prom Night remake?!? (puts head in hands). Yikes.

Yesterday the celebrity bonanza continued! Stopping for a coffee I saw one of my living heroes, Stephen Merchant (co-creator of The Office and Extras, whom I also saw perform stand-up a while back) sitting there reading the paper!

I didn’t disturb him, as badly as I wanted to throw myself at his feet, and beg him to take me away from the nightmare that has been grad school and into the actual working world of comedy. But I didn’t. I let him enjoy his coffee and the paper.

Later in the day, walking through Covent Garden, I saw…Sir Derek Jacobi….Shakespeare powerhouse, and all around ass-kicking actor! You may know him from I, Claudius and Cadfael which I grew up watching, or his more recent gig as the human form of “The Master” on Doctor Who. (At some point I need to talk about this new series of Doctor Who, but today is not that day). He was majestic. He’s not a large man, but Jacobi carries himself like a king! It was dorkishly thrilling.