When my brother and I were little, and we started acting like spoiled brats, our Dad would mock our greed (in a loving way) by saying:

“Buy Me, Take Me, Show Me, Give Me!”

By hearing how awful we sounded (though exaggerated) we stopped acting like little douchebags. Thanks Dad!

However, all that being said, sometimes I get these uncontrollable pangs of materialistic longing, and I must revert to being a child, point, and say “Oooooh I want it!”

Once again (because YES, I’ve written about this before) it’s JELLIES. The greatest rubber shoes ever.

J.Crew has become a bunch of back-to-front jacket cases and made these gorgeous jellies! I want these ones (the red and the bejewelled) oh-so-much. They are so freaking cute! Have you ever seen cuter little shoes?

So if someone has forty bucks (yes, for shoes that probably cost a mexican orphan three cents to make) and wants to make me a very happy (albeit spoiled) girl, that’s cool.