Dear Miley Cyrus,

I actually think the photography Annie Leibovitz took of you for Vanity Fair magazine is quite elegant. It makes your slightly gawky 15 year old self look very elegant. So why exactly did you STAB HER IN THE BACK the minute people began to question the photograph?

If you’re really looking to break through the “teen mold” (like Jessica Biel did when she left 7th Heaven and posed naked for every magazine she could think of) then that’s your call. Teenagers can be so buck-wild! But don’t blame the photographer for something you were obviously 100% on board with. You even said you liked the photographs! I would respect you so much more if you had just backed Leibovitz up and said you were sorry people didn’t approve, but you liked the end results. Don’t just act like some little lap dog for Disney. Grow a pair. Grow up. Don’t just keep saying what you think people want to hear. Besides. We’ve all seen the photos on of you in your bra on top of some guy. I think the secret’s out. You’re 15. And an idiot. But that’s normal. Don’t feign sainthood, it doesn’t become anyone.

Speaking of which Disney, you’re not off the hook either. You act like you’re “so disappointed” with Miley Cyrus’ choices, but how many young women have you already driven to insane slutdom (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, that chick from High School Musical who took naked pictures of herself….) with your bordering-on-facsist determination to maintain your stars “wholesome” images?

There must be a better way.