After 4 years of grueling use, my old 15G clunker of an ipod (which survived Tour, NYC, and London) finally crapped out this morning. While it can still charge, it simply cannot play music. It’s just pretty to look at. I plan on keeping it though, just for memories and because it looks damn cool. At least it went peacefully, right? It died of old age, just like Estelle Getty (Too Soon? I loved you Sophia….)

In its place, for the time being, has come a cute little green Ipod shuffle, to tide me over while I work out and travel around the city. Although today is our first day together, I’ve already got such a crush on it. It’s so small and light, and although it only holds 250 songs, little Shufty (as it shall hereby be known) is just too damn cute to ever be mad at.