If you don’t know what the title of this post is referencing – the movie Once – then you’d better go out and rent it and prepare yourself for a pretty lovely and bittersweet little film.

Anways, I don’t want to talk about that. I just like the title. We all know there are a thousand ways to leave your lover, but how exactly does one stop being “broken-hearted-hoover-fixer-sucker-guy” when your lover leaves you? I have exactly one answer and one answer only.


I’m not saying when you get dumped, it’s time to turn to girls (Ok, maybe it’s true for some of you, but not for me, I’m afraid.) I’m saying when you’ve been curb’d and everything feels too hot and there’s a lead weight just slowly caving your sternum in and you can’t eat and you don’t sleep or you sleep all day, then Kelly Clarkson and her sassamafrassy goodness is exactly what you need. Let me suggest a playlist of the following:

1. Since U Been Gone

2. Never Again

3. Walk Away

4. Because of You

5. Behind These Hazel Eyes

I mean, 5 quality “fuck you” break up songs. All good for rocking out to. Kelly is the new Alanis, but with more power chords and fewer icky references to that guy who played Uncle Dave on Full House.