Things that happened in August (in no particular order)

1. Dumped (tres lame. tres cowardly. still really sad.)


2. Birthday! (Saw Hamlet at RSC. Was the bomb digs. David Tennant is absurdly good. He made (gasp) strong, clear, well-thought-out choices and stuck to them. Production was great all around. Patrick Stewart was also a welcome addition. Sat near lots of fanboys/fangirls eager to be in touching distance of both “The Doctor” and “Jean-Luc Picard”!)

3. Family emergency (not fun!)

4. Trip to Arundel Castle (fun!)

5. Identity theft and filing of fraud claims (who wants the identitiy of a broke 26 year old? Not me. Wait…)

6. Bank saying they never received said fraud claims (I always get a Southern person on the line when I call their help center, and by the end of the conversation, I find myself speaking in a Southern accent too. That is wack.)

7. Trip to Scotland!

8. Massive falling out with friend!

9. Seeing premiere of new Matthew Bourne piece, Dorian Gray! (The story doesn’t really translate well, but the dancing is flawless and the sexy fellas are nice eye candy – a must for dance-nerds!)

10. Hit by a car! (lightly, but still, how fucking ridiculous!)

11. Thesis advisor tells you to gut massive plot point out of play! You disagree but must do what he wants in order to pass!

12. Massive headache en route back from Scotland…for 4 hours on train. Uncomfortable city.

12.5. John McCain makes cheap and desperate looking move to scoop up Hilary Clinton’s sloppy seconds by picking some chick from Alaska with no experience to be his VP. Subsequently, if McCain kicks off (and he is already 3,000 years old) we will have a President who looks like a less pretty clone hybrid of Tina Fey and Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order: SVU. Also, Mrs. Palin hates gays and choice and happiness and sparkles.

13. Back in time to type-up a motherload of work and hope September will be a big turn-around.