1. Frankie Boyle – This man is hilarious. Hi-lari-i-ous.

2. “Merry Happy” by Kate Nash (Also this picture of Kate Nash, which is utterly carefree and adorable)


3. Corn on the Cob – IT IS SO GOOD! I want to eat it all the time!

4. Video text messages – I just sent one last night to my friend. It was a 10 second clip of me smiling, waving and blowing a kiss. They’re like a little digital high-five. Nice to give and receive.

5. Walking everywhere, avoiding public transit – A way to get slim, save money, and say “whatever, yo” to the transit strikes

6. Day trips – To anywhere.

7. Stoner comedies – Harold and Kumar (I still need to rent the sequel, maybe I’ll do that tonight), Smiley Face (weird but enjoyable), Saving Grace (for the whole family!), Pineapple Express (which has yet to come out in the UK)

8. Thunderstorms – Like the one happening outside my window RIGHT NOW!

9. Guyliner – Glam-rock cute. Works on very few men, but those who rock it, rock it hard. That is to say, pretty much only David Bowie, Brandon Flowers, Eddie Izzard and Ewan McGregor look hot in eyeliner. No, Johnny Depp does NOT look good in eyeliner. He looks like a pirate. Pirate does not equal sexually attractive, of if you think so, this is not the website for you. Go to some Pirate fetish website, you crazy bitch.

10. Creative ways of cleaning my skin – Mud mask anyone?!? (Not terribly sexy, but it’s fun to watch it dry to the color of an old antique, and then crack off your skin like you ARE an antique! Wheeee!)