What happens when the over-active imagination of a pop-culture obsessed dork runs wild!


Known to mere mortals as the amazing combination of John Travolta and Voltron. So imagine…

 Plus this….

Travoltron is JT of course, but each “Lion” is a career milestone (with obviously, the Pink Lion representing a hideous error of judgement) The current list of Lions for TRAVOLTRON is thus:

Pink (a huge mistake) = MICHAEL. Fat Angel. Nuff said.

Red (a fearless leader) = PULP FICTION. Redemption tastes goooooood!

Black (absurd and unexpected) = THE EXPERTS (never heard of it? Me neither! But my brother told me about it and it’s fuckin crazy! Read the summary on Imdb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097314/)

Yellow (unnecessary) = HAIRSPRAY (the dress. the fat. it haunts my dreams!)

Blue (classic) = SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (night fever, night feeevaaaahhhh!)