I’m pretty sure Tina Fey already covered this ground in Baby Mama (which I never saw, because it hasn’t come out in England – wat up wit dat, yo?) but it seems like everyone is all about havin’ babies.

Babies are pretty cool. Ok, not really. 1in 45 babies is cool. Scientific fact. Only my Godson, and my friend’s daughter are cool babies. Other babies are bastards. And when they become toddlers their bastard quotient increases by a whopping 77% (another fact of science). At this rate I’m lobbying really hard for the baby-toss to be part of the London 2012 Olympic games.

So why is everyone so hot-to-trot for babies? The ways to acheive them are thus:

-The “old fashioned way” (sexual misfire)

-The Jolie-Pitt way (adoption)

-The Sneaky Way (borrow one without permission)

-And of course, artificial insemination. (Which I always find myself saying to the tune of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”, like A-mer-i-ca loves in-sem-i-nation!)

Which brings me (roundabout the long way) to the point that on the tube today I saw a poster that just kills me. If a lady in London would like to get pregnant through insemination of donor sperm, then she should attend the INSEMINAR for details!

I love the idea. Like just setting foot in the seminar is going to sperm you up, and sperm you up good.