The only reason I am posting so much tonight (in case you were wondering) is that I finished the revisions of my dissertation (due in a week) and my brain is so shot I can’t focus on anything of importance until tomorrow, which is why I’m alternating between posting and watching episodes of Tess of the D’Urbervilles (eh) on the BBC iPlayer. But I just found what I want for my Halloween 2008 costume online – and I want someone in America to buy it and send it to me so I don’t have to shell out for it in pounds! CHECK IT OUT!

WONDER WOMAN! Oh man. I used to be Wonder Woman all the time for Halloween as a kid. But I had what was essentially a giant vinyl trashbag as a costume, and a cool plastic face. Kind of like this model! Zing! I think (because I have been working out like a beast – it’s the only free activity I can currently justify besides working on my dissertation) I can pull it off this year. I mean, I don’t have this model’s freaky boob job, or slightly “life-handed-me-lemons-so-I-ate-them” face. But I think it could look cool.

Except that cape. Wonder Woman didn’t have no goddamn cape! Amateurs.