Of course, now that I’ve finally learned to braid my long hair, I’m thinking of cutting it.

I mean, not right now. I need to have it long at least through March, when I’m in my friend’s wedding.

I’m really on the fence about cutting it, which is a good reason I have another six months to mull it over. Part of me says “Look you finally have nice long hair to braid, and it’s very pretty so keep it on top of your head” while another part says “Donate your hair to Locks of Love and help people get cool wigs to wear after chemotherapy. Then have cool short hair you can get all spiky with.”

I like this haircut.

However, I am not a model. I have a slightly awkward face, which means short hair could simply be a vehicle for highlighting awkwardness.


Stay tuned. Or don’t. It’s not that important, really.