Young female celebrities who claim to be (or are) obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, she was a classic beauty who photographed amazingly.

Yes, she had some great comedic moments in her films.

And YES she was seriously fucked-up in the head.

It just makes me a little crazy. I can’t explain further. This was simply brought on by this little ditty that I read on, about Lindsay Lohan naming her line of “designer leggings” for Monroe.

“I’m thrilled to announce that my new fashion collection, 6126 is finally ready for launch!!” she says. “I love to wear leggings, so it should come as no surprise
that my first venture into the world of fashion design is with leggings!” She goes on to explain the brand’s cryptic name, saying, “I named the collection after Marilyn Monroe’s birth
date, because to me she represents timeless, confident glam -­ and that is
 the voice of this brand.” So what can fans expect from the new line? “Our holiday collection is pretty eclectic from gold zippers to leather detailing, to buttery soft cashmere.”

Designer leggings? In cashmere? Named for a dead celebrity’s birthday?


Is it the apocalypse?