Usually in the UK, we’re 6-8 weeks (and sometimes longer) behind on US films. It can be a bit of a bummer, to get messages from friends saying something like “Tropic Thunder was so awesome, you saw it right?” and have to shamedly hang my head.

But now, because it’s LONDON FILM FESTIVAL time (woo hoo!!) movies are descending upon London like locusts! And it’s quite awesome. I’m hoping to catch a few things (even though the ticket prices are way jacked up). I’m a bit bummed I missed the only two screenings of Frost/Nixon though. I’m dying to see that.

But the point is, even if I don’t catch it at the LFF, the new James Bond Quantum of Solace will be released wide on October 31st here, and two weeks later in America!!!


And even though I sort of love going to see a Bond flick on Thanksgiving with my family (like we did for Casino Royale, possibly the best Thanksgiving night EVER) I’ll be happy to see it Halloween afternoon (because you KNOW I gotta go out Halloween night!) with my friends here.

Also, I’ve decided that even though the video is laughably bad, I really like the Jack White/Alicia Keyes Bond theme, “Another Way To Die.” Check that shiz out.