If you actually know me, and we speak on a regulart to quasi-regular basis, you’ll know that “Mergh” has been the status of my Gmail chat button for a while now.


It pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Conveying those feelings of restless disapproval of the current state of being, a substantial chunk of heartache, a dash of fear, with anxiety to taste. And it’s not any kind of seasonal blues. I LOVE autumn. In fact, I’m more upset at myself for not enjoying my favorite time of year more!!! I haven’t visited a single pumpkin patch (the big tub at Sainsburys does not count) and am going to be too skint to send Halloween out in style. So much for October!

On a good note, I apparently have a new flatmate, as of a few hours ago, this really lovely Kiwi lady said she would be happy to take our old flatmate’s bedroom for the 2 month remainder of our lease. So I hope that works out well. If not….fuck it, you know? It’s only two more months.

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