1. Good news: so many of my friends are getting married! It is very exciting.

2. Good news: I found the dress I myself would like to get married in. And it’s CHEAP!

2. Bad news: Weddings are expensive and I have no money. Is giving a home-made wedding gift (you know, like a, uh, paper clip holder I made out of clay in fourth grade?) the worst ever? I know. Yes. It is. I’m just dreaming out loud. Damn these harsh economic times!

2. Bad news: I have no boyfriend, subsequently no fiance, and thus no wedding to wear said dress to.

3. Irrelevant news: I went to a writer’s group meeting today and it was quite nice. It’s good to be blown away by the talent of your peers every once in a while. Also, a good friend of mine is shortlisted for this big playwriting prize! We (anonymously) salute you!