Greetings from the tiny corner of my brain that has brutishly forced out every iota of common sense that was squatting there. That is the tiny corner where the senseless girlish glee lives, and now it has taken over.

One of my best friends got married Saturday (Congratulations ) And being a very honored member of the wedding party means kicking the girlish glee into high gear. Hair, nails, dresses, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and all such things. I packed a big ass bag of lipgloss and sparkly things into a small suitcase, and it was wholly satisfying. 54 bobby pins to hold up a crazy hairstyle. Makeup from a professional. Dancing with cute boys. Almost crying at how happy and beautiful the couple are. All that good stuff.

I should actually take care of myself more often. You know, make attempts to look human? Maybe. I’ll try to keep it up. Brush my hair, smack on some gloss or mascara.

Or….I’ll return to being the rough (but loveable?) hooligan that I am. At least until September 26th. That’s the next wedding I’m in.