Wow. I mean. Wow.

Though reports vary, word on the striz-eet is that Jack Bauer (aka Kiefer Sutherland) headbutted one of those dudes who designs for Proenza Schouler (I am 99% sure that is misspelled, but Google is too many tabs away for me to check) at a party.

The best part is, the headbutt (who even DOES that anymore! It makes me clap my hands giddily) was most likely for one of two reasons. 1.) Kiefers was soused  or 2.) The honor of Brooke Shields needed defending

Either way, this is fucking hysterical. I would almost want to be famous, just so I could headbutt people I don’t like and have it considered news. This does lead me to wonder if Proenza Schouler will be showing helmets with their fall collection.