(Re-typed from earlier scribblings on a bus from Wasington to New York City)

It’s not 11am yet and I have come startlingly close to beating the living daylights out of not one, but two separate people.

1. Harpy Woman in Car – Ahead of my Dad and me as we drove to the train station. This was completely mental. Dad moved to get into the HOV traffic lane, but realized there was a bus blocking the lane, so he quickly (and %100 correctly) slipped back into the regular lane. Normal, right? I thought so. But this nutter looks into her rearview mirror and starts wagging her finger and shaking her head at us! Thank God Dad didn’t see her, but (I’m getting incensed just thinking about it again, AND her car was covered with all these self-righteous bumper stickers with babies footprints) I almost said “Stop the car a sec, I’m going to drop this bitch and keep her wagging finger as a souvenir.” But I didn’t. Because I’m not totally crazy. In the event that I ever see her car around again, I am going to paint over all those idiotic bumper stickers. I think that’s fair.

2. Woman on Bus –  who looks indignant and terribly offended by anyone who makes a peep! This one is relatively self-explanatory. We are on a cheap-ass bus, not a luxury sleeper train. Stop giving people evils and get over yourself.