Hi all!

After a few manic weeks, I’m back at the old laptop (who probably thinks “Ah, the old human is here.”) typing away about stuff and nonsense. I’ve taken a sublet near Times Square, with a girl who is a light sleeper and sensitive to noise (HUH?) but will be moving out of here soon (Thank God.) Also working at another ridiculous job that I’ll be abandoning as soon as possible, yet it is from this job that a fabulous new idea for a book has spawned, so that’s good. A book! Never thought about it, honestly. We’ll see how it goes. Other than that, I’m working out a lot and swimming laps every other day with the elderly, who in their aged wisdom, love to be naked and gawk at people (yikes). The Tony awards were fun, mostly because I watched them with my BFF in Don’t Tell Mama, which is a bar/restaurant/cabaret place populated by theatre-loving-gay-males. Most importantly, I finally saw Terminator Salvation and am excited for the Aussie dancing fool that is Sam Worthington, since he pretty much stole the movie right out from under Christian Bale. Yoink!