Last night, my dear friend accidentally dropped a chicken wing on her beautiful sundress (if that’s not a classy sentence, I don’t know what is). Being very smart and savvy, she knew just what to do in order to make sure it didn’t stain…water, dab, dab, dab, don’t rub! But it made me think about a few other great moments in “Oh shit, I spilled on myself” history, including:

1.) 2 nights running of spilling both red and white wine on my white and black dresses respectively. I even made a joke about it the following night saying “Make sure you co-ordinate what you wear with what you intend to spill on yourself.” However, the audience was a different one than the night before (A blatantly obvious fact my brain just didn’t even factor in) so I had to quip “If you were here last night, that was really funny.” Truly, just to see the look of horror on my tutor’s face as I spilled the red wine on my white dress….which cleaned up fine, for those concerned…..was worth the price of admission alone.

2.) A birthday party years and years ago where I saw my beloved sibling drop a huge piece of pizza on the front of his nice white button down shirt. Maybe he has blocked the memory out, but just the look of defeat on his face as the pizza sat on his chest was so heart-breaking. I mean, I laughed my face off (because I am a little sister and that is what I do) but still, I felt for him. He changed shirts and the party continued to great success, but the pizza on shirt incident is burned into my memory forever more.

Got any great moments?  Share them with us!!