Following in the footsteps of the great Mr. T (or “Saint T” as this fucking awesome stained glass representation depicts), I have begun to pity fools












And the fool I pity the most? Robert Pattinson.












Why pity someone who is good looking and has bazillions of dollars? I’ll tell you why. Because:

1.) The Twilight movies are not so in the goodness.

2.) The Twilight fans (not all, but at least the ones here in NYC) are madpants, batshit crazy and have been stalking this guy while he’s trying to film another, real movie! (Good luck with that. I bet they do vampire re-shoots after a test audience riots in the movie theatre). I have seen tons of photos of Hot Topic bedecked girls throwing his head (watch the hair! The hair, dammit!) into a headlock and trying to snap photos for their Facebooks (“OMG me n’ my future BF! LOL!”). It’s just painfully clear that there is no regard for his personal space or safety. Apparently some overzealous ones accidentally jostled him…in front of a speeding cab!

He’s got money and can probably pick and choose projects as he pleases now, but I wonder if there’s a large part of him that would sell his (immortal, vampire) soul to get a little bit of his privacy back.