Oh. My. Goodness.

First off, apologies to AK and BI, who I know read this to alleviate boredom at work. Thank you! I know I’ve been bad with the posting, largely due to the fact that I’m stuck at work myself. But due to working all the time, I’ve seen the future, and Pink is taking us there.

I see a lot of music videos on the job. A lot. Mostly bad ones, but also some great ones, like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” (that dance is so damn good.) When I saw the music video for Pink’s “Sober” I dismissed it, because frankly I don’t really like the song. However, the next few times I saw the video I realized two things. 1.) Pink has great hair. 2.) In the video, she MAKES OUT WITH HERSELF.

Stop the presses. 

Yes, making out with yourself. Granted, Pink only does it in the video because it’s some kind of “terrible to be drunk/ wrestling with your own demons” thingy, but sweet jesus, what an idea. Because making out is the best. And since finding a suitable partner is so damn hard these days, why not just make out with yourself! It would just rock. The ultimate in self love. You would always be faithful to yourself. No STDs. No sloppy “stop trying to eat my face, please” issues. If I could truly just make out with myself I would probably never leave the house. I would take time outs to eat, but other than that, all my recreational activities would just be shot. I would try watching a movie, but then I would just ignore the movie and make out with myself.