Last night, on the way home from a lovely night out with my friend Katie, I had the (mildly intoxicated) idea for next summer’s big hit movie. This is gonna be a big one. Are you ready?

G.I. Joe & Julia

(Coming to a theatre near you….Summer 2010)


Combining two big hits of this summer (they even came out on the same day!) G.I. Joe & Julia will find Destro (Christopher Eccleston) not finding work at COBRA fulfilling now that Cobra Commander is in charge and the Baroness has shacked up with Duke again. To get his mojo back, he begins cooking his way through Julia Child’s famous cookbook.  We will also get to see moments of Julia child’s time as a spy (because she fucking was! What a bad ass!) intercut with battles between G.I. Joe and Cobra. But most importantly, we will see Destro in an apron, blowing away a dozen members of the Crimson Guard when his souffle falls.


Can we make this movie tomorrow? This has MTV MOVIE AWARDS written all over it.