I shouldn’t have been so flabberghasted to hear that Miley  Cyrus had in fact never heard a Jay-Z song, which she claims lifts her spirits in her irritatingly catchy “Party In The USA” song.

I mean, I’m a dorky white middle class girl and I’ve heard MOST of the Jay-Z cannon (yes, like Shakespeare, Jay-Z doesn’t just have a body of work, he has a cannon). Even though she cops to not penning the ditty, you’d think someone in the music industry would have the common sense to listen to other stuff on the charts, just to feel out their contemporaries.

I guess since MC doesn’t really have to do any of her thinking or creating, because’s such a thought-out, pre-packaged product of the Disney sexed-up adolescent machine. Her image is actually a stroke of marketing genius when you think about it. A good Christian girl, making it big in scary bad Hollywood, yet sticking as close as she can to her Southern roots. And when she takes slutty pictures of herself for MySpace, or is “tricked” by sneaky Vanity Fair photographers, then she can just turn to prayer and her fanbase forgives any tresspass.

But seriously girl. Go get some Jay-Z albums. They’re worth a listen. You might actually be – gasp – inspired.