This morning I scooted over to  Barnes & Noble to take advantage of their free WiFi and not-horrible coffee. I made a special trip, just to do some computing! I have lots of computing to do! Blogs to write, emails to answer, programs and jobs to apply to. So when I arrived at B&N, imagine my HORROR to find that there was ONE GODDAMN ELECTRICAL OUTLET!! In the entire store! And it was being used by a dude who looked just like this:


and that guy wasn’t giving up the precious outlet anytime soon.









So now I’m down the street in a Starbucks, PAYING for internet (probably my least favorite thing to do) and writing. But I’m here, writing (Ta-da!) to you, for you, and maybe even sometimes about you. Also, this is the creepiest Starbucks in the entire world. The woman next to me is not wearing shoes. And everyone seems to know each other. And there’s this guy in a complete jogging suit who keeps going up to order things. I feel like I’m in some really ghetto-ass rip-off of Twin Peaks.