I had some hella clever (at least to my easily-amused brain) blogs set aside on a USB key to be transfered to my parents COMICALLY SLOW AND OUTDATED computer (the only one with internets I have today, I’ve been trying to steal neighbor’s wireless with no luck) but all of a sudden the two computers are fighting (Like Blair and Serena on “Gossip Girl”…..I think. I’ve only seen it twice. But that was the gist of it.) and I couldn’t upload the files. So tomorrow I go to Panera (at Diana’s suggestion, and my unholy desire for a toasted Asiago cheese bagel) to try again. Never fear. Useless information, misinformed opinions and too much knowledge about my personal life will be here before you know it.

PS. If you are computer savvy, why does one computer think files are Notepad and the other think they are Word? Also, how could Blair do that to Serena? She’s so mean.

PPS. I’m going to go make soup now. If I don’t blog tomorrow it means I maybe poisoned myself. Sorry.