Sometimes, instead of a complete song, I’ll get just the refrain or a line or two stuck in my head at one time. This might be due to the fact that it’s the only good part of the song (cough*Dude Looks Like A Lady*cough) or you just can’t remember more because they’re singing too fast or mumbling in their adorable accents. A lot of people give Coldplay flak for sucking (which I disagree with) or being emotional, but you’ve got to give them credit, Chris Martin always articulates and I never have a problem understanding what he’s saying. Anyway, that’s a total digression. I love Coldplay. You heard it here. And I had a snippet of a song in my head a few days ago and it was truly freaky. I mean, I didn’t want to sing or hum or anything, because I was afraid that doctors would leap out from behind shrubbery and outfit me with a straightjacket immidiately. Because I had, stuck in this wild and woolly head, part of the song from “The Wizard of Oz” where the MUNCHKIN CORONER (I think Google might put me on a watch list for typing that phrase) confirms that Dorothy’s house did in fact sqoosh the Wicked Witch of the West Dead.

Don’t remember that bit? Your therapist probably did a good job helping to block that out, because that is CRAZY. For those who don’t recall what he looked like, I’ve inserted his picture…he’s the wee man holding the death certificate, which he obviously had ready and waiting to go, because he’s an early version of Dexter Morgan, the serial-killing blood-spatter analyst from Showtime’s kick ass TV series “Dexter,” and had been plotting to kill the witch himself before Dorothy beat him to it. Seriously, if you haven’t seen that show, you’ve got to check it out. Michael C. Hall is such an amazing actor, I’m waiting for his eyebrows to get their own Emmy, because they are really carrying the show. So. Good.

Anyway, the presence of a coroner, and a SINGING MUNCHKIN CORONER at that is pretty nuts… and having his little ditty about thoroughly examining the witch’s body (gross) to make sure she’s dead (why was I allowed to watch this as a child?) is really not something you want stuck in your head all day.