If anyone tries to kidnap this idea, I have the law on my side, as I just did the trusted Google Search and came back with nothing. So this is original mockery!

Ok, just picture it. You love sassy CW teenagers, who, unlike yourself during those years, seem to have unlimited funding and copious amounts of sex.
Who were you during those school years? A DORK. The kind who dug Sci-Fi and mystery, with roguish tortured heroes! And that’s AWESOME. I always think nerdy people are vastly more lovely anyways. But now, the CW network has the amazing chance to combine its beloved workhorse, “Gossip Girl” with an ambitious cartoon that time has shelved….I present….


The Pitch: Combining footage from the old school action/adventure cartoon “Gargoyles” and laying down the self-absorbed drama-rama and insane silliness of “Gossip Girl” comes a story about Gargoyles perched atop the loftiest, most ritzy skyscrapers in New York, and the things they see and do.

I’m going to work more on this, but here’s a pic from the cartoon, should you have forgotten that it was actually kind of brilliant and ahead of its time. And no, I haven’t decided which creepy Gargoyle is Chuck Bass, but he’s in there. Oh. He. Is. In. There.