Aw C’mon. That’s a pretty clever title. I’m sure People Magazine or US Weekly will yoink it, but you can tell all your friends (the ones who care…..a grand total of… that you heard it here first. Copyright’d!

The only live-action show on the Fox Network I’ve ever really liked was Arrested Development, may it rest in glorious DVD box set peace. That show was everything television should be – irreverent, hilarious, oddly touching and off the walls brilliant. Its perfect cast (all of whom are working constantly now), brilliant writing, and insanely intricate story lines (if you watch the DVDs, you’ll see how many little throwbacks and references carry over from season to season. It’s outstanding.) When the series was cancelled after only 3 Seasons, I basically said “To hell with you, Fox Network” and devoted my limited TV-loving-attentions to Lost and The Office.

So you can imagine how weary I was when people near and dear to me, people whose opinions I trust, said “You’ve got to check out Glee. It’s right up your alley.”

Wait, what the hell is that supposed to mean? Yes, I was in my high school’s glee club. We sang passionately, if off-key, and wore outfits that looked like Vegas hooker factory seconds. But we had a great time, and we traveled up and down the east coast to torture people with the songs in our hearts.

I saw the TV promos, and thought the show was kind of pandering to the Drama-Geek crowd. “Oh! You’re an outsider! We’re outsiders too! We’re full of theatre and music in-jokes! Yuk yuk yuk!” So I held out. And I held out. And then…..they re-aired the first episode. And I heard the cover of “Don’t Stop Believin.” And I thought “Well, that was kind of lovely.” Lea Michele has pipes of a fierce nature. Girl. Can. Belt. It.

So I kept watching. And some episodes do pander to theatre geeks. It’s not a perfect show. The character of Mrs. Schuster can die any episode for all I care. But it’s got really talented performers, sharp writing, and musical arrangements that blow my flippin’ mind. Matthew Morrison’s gorgeous mash-up of “Young Girl/Don’t Stand So Close To Me” melted my brain, and last week’s “Imagine” done in collaboration with the deaf glee club brought both me and my mother (a recent convert) to tears.

(Speaking of Matthew Morrison, how sexy is he? That voice!! Ooooh, honey. And doesn’t Cory Monteith look like a much cuter, not-gone-to-seed Chris Klein?)

Glee has so much potential, and has gotten me to care enough to stick around and find out if it will be fulfilled. I think it can be everything AD was: the hilarious, brilliant and weirdly emotional engine-that-could. Let’s give it a chance.