I haven’t read the health care bill.

I’m guessing you haven’t either.

So we’re probably on a pretty level playing field here.

Why is Joe Lieberman digging in his heels on a public option? Why will health care not be available to everyone who needs it? Or is it just for wealthy people from Connecticut?

Ok. Now. How will we pay for it? Cuts will have to be made. Taxes will probably have to rise. That is just a stone cold fucking fact. A fact that sucks. And the cuts will probably come from places we don’t like. Schools. Seniors. Rich people. It won’t be easy. But I think it’s important.

I was in the gym when the President made his speech about health care. Some old white men were watching the TV too (but they weren’t in gym clothes – I have no idea what the hell they were doing there, come to think of it. Just being creepy, I guess) and saying pretty offensive things. They called the President “a fucking idiot” and yelled “Fuck you!” at the screen, when he said he didn’t believe any American should go bankrupt just because they have cancer, a fact I whole-heartedly agree with. I was so incensed. My blood was literally on fire, I kept putting my hands on my face in hopes of cooling it down and not looking like Elmer Fudd after being outfoxed by Bugs Bunny.

I walked into the adjacent office and faced my two female co-workers. I explained the situation thusly:
“There are old, bloated rich white men who belong to this gym but don’t work out, sitting there and talking trash about the President, who’s just trying to play janitor and clean up the mess left by his fucknut predecessor. They think if you or me, people who work really hard but don’t have insurance from their jobs, if we get really sick, well that’s too fucking bad for us. And I hope they get sick. I hope something starts eating them from the inside out. And all their fancy doctors can’t do anything for them.”

“The President’s making a speech? In New York?” My sweet but stupid co-worker, who had a penchant for booty shorts with camel toe, asked.

“Wow. That was hard core.” Said another. “But yeah, I know those guys. They’re creepers.”

I don’t know why I told you that. It makes me look a bit like a rage-aholic. But I really do think that we should all be able to be taken care of. Britain has the NHS, and yes, it’s a flawed system, but it means that young people who are still getting their legs under them, can see a doctor and not have to drop half their paycheck on it. It doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of work left to do on that bill. I’m not defending it %100 by any means, since I told you I haven’t read it. But I really do believe that taking care of one another is a big part of what it means to be Americans. One Nation, under….what? The weather? Looking out for each other, standing up for each other, is what makes a nation stronger.