A: Quite possibly.

As the first poster for “Sex and the City 2” drops, so does my jaw and will to live. I just don’t understand why the love/sex lives of a bunch of self-absorbed 40somethings is the most awesome thing ever. And I mean, I have friends who will hit me after reading this. But I can’t stay quiet any longer! (climbs up on soapbox) If I were a man, I wouldn’t date any of them, because BITCHES IS CRAZY! Any messages of friendship or female empowerment are always quickly swept away in favor of materialistic greed, manipulating each other, or blaming all their problems on the men in their lives! It makes me crazy. I mean, “The Golden Girls” were cool, because Blanche kept her slutty antics (Oh Blanche, you tart) off screen, and it was more concerned with issues of things the women did, and what they thought, not just reacting to whatever happened to them.

Ah. Well.

Here comes my 2nd party foul (two in one post! Personal best!).

I like The Killer’s cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” WAAAAAAAY better than I like Cyndi Lauper’s. Her voice is too screamy shrill, ears bleeding for me. I know Brandon Flowers has kind of a funky voice, but for this song, it really works. Listen below. Judge for yourself. But despite these trespasses, you’ll never take my girl card from me, never! You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead, red-manicured hands!