This is not a girl power battle of the TV heroines. The two shows are both excellent in my opinion, but for such vastly different reasons that I could not compare them. It would be like comparing Angela Lansbury and my printer. I enjoy them both, they do excellent work, but it’s just different leagues. So if you want to start that fight, look elsewhere. This is an appreciation.

Major selling points of both Felicity and Veronice Mars were the edge-of-your-seat-who-will-she-choose love trianges the heroine found herself in.

With Felicity, it was between Ben, the boy she followed to NYU, who was kind of troubled and rough, or Noel, the sweet and thoughtful RA who fell for her. At first, I was all about Noel. I thought “Oh he’s nice. And he’s not a slut like Ben! Pick Noel! Pick Noel!” But it’s never that easy. Noel had troubles following him too, and Ben proved that under his devil-may-care facade, there was a heart of gold that beat only for Felicity (and some other chick with whom he had a bebe, but that was towards the end when everything got fucked up.)

Now, with Veronica Mars, Veronica is torn between her All-American handsome boyfriend Duncan, who is sweet and troubled, and Logan, who is a magnet for trouble, but has a heart of gold that beats only for Veron—wait a second!! It’s the EXACT SAME THING! Clearly this means there will be more back and forth, and heartache, and babies….(don’t give it away if there are, I just started series 2!) And I made the exact same mistake that I made with Felicity. At first, I was all about Duncan. Those eyes! So caring! So handsome! But then Logan proved he had a heart of gold by punching the shit out of Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from Home Impovement. It was fucking tight) and kissing Veronica all sexy like outside the hotel. And suddenly Duncan looked like a big pussy and it was all about Logan. Which simply reinforces my attraction to handsome, sarcastic, emotionally unstable men! Viva Logan!

Seriously, though Veronica Mars is so damn good. I just got started, but I can’t stop, and it breaks my heart to think a dumb ass network like UPN and CW cancelled it so half-assedly after series 3 – – hey, kind of like Felicity getting messed around with its finale – but I hear there are rumblings of a movie (so says my ever wise lawyer friend who entrusted her VM box sets to my hands) which would KICK ASS. Kristen Bell is so damn likable, and pretty amazing on the show. I’ll keep you updated as to when I finish series 2. Considering a bus just went off a cliff, I think it’ll be a good one.

Final note. Series 1 of VM prominently featured Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna as Logan’s (squeal!) crazy parents. Now, I wasn’t sure what scared me more. Lisa Rinna’s love of lip injections or the fact that she and Harry (real life husband and wife) really look like they are related. What’s up wit dat?