Happy 2010 People. I know we’re just about a week and a half in, but uh….yes. Year’s gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but I thought we should talk about what I know best: movies, things that fill us with rage, and cute boys.

MOVIES: The holiday movie wrap up. I saw most of them, and of course, like a jerk, I’ve got an opinion on everything. And you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t mildly interest you, so here it be:

Sherlock Holmes: I had friends who thought it was boring. So I took out a spiky metal glove and hit them across their faces, but that is simply not true! It was the opposite of boring! It was a blast! A rollicking good adventure. I mean, I wasn’t expecting more than to laugh and jump and have fun, and I did, in droves. RDJ and Babymachine Law are great partners. Really really looking forward to the sequel, which was nicely set up.

Avatar: Looked beautiful. But I was totally right about the “Ferngully on Acid” thing AND I could have cut it about an hour shorter and been good. Way. Too. Long. But now it’s the #2 highest grossing film of all time. Does James Cameron get some kind of plaque for holding those spots?!

It’s Complicated: Very cute. Good comic performances, and just a lovely night out. See it with a girlfriend or an awesome gay boyfriend!

Nine: Ok. It looked great, sounded awesome, and just embraced how cool it must have been to be sexy, rich, and Italian in the 1960s. Daniel Day Lewis is pretty much all he’s hyped to be. And Marion Cotillard is amazing. Nobody was bad, it just didn’t really work as a narrative whole. The story just bounced around too much, all jumbly and shit.

So that’s the movie roundup. Tah-dah.

Jay Leno isn’t a bad guy. Not really the best comedian, but not a bad guy. And now, for some reason, he can’t let go. And for that, he’ll no longer be remembered as “The guy who did The Tonight Show” but as that old comic who wouldn’t step aside when he was at the top of his game, and subsequently screwed over a really talented comedian. With all love and respect, retire please Jay Leno. It’s Conan’s turn.

Things that fill us with rage: Tila Tequila.

I’m sorry your friend/girlfriend died. I really am. But even if you are “in shock” to pose for paparazzi with your giant fake tits hanging out, or bashing her grieving family on Twitter, is just DISGUSTING. Not many human beings, especially ones I don’t know, because I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt, disgust me, but Tila Tequila is at the top of the list. I wonder if that football player wishes he had just finished her off when he had the chance. Blech.  Even typing her name upsets me, and I will never do it again, because all she wants is attention, and that is the last time, at least on this website, that it will be paid.

Let us cleanse our palate with cute boys.

Chris Lowell from Veronica Mars is all sorts of cute. And a quick Google search reveals he is on Private Practice which means I may have to steel myself to sit through a few episodes of that as well. Le sigh.