Thursday, I have an appointment to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I’ve never actually had an appointment before, so this is pretty damn exciting. My previous times as a bridekick (Bridal Sidekick – my preferred term) it was easy – this is the dress, find it in your size, and enjoy.

I’m amassing a pretty great collection of bridekick dresses. Tea-legnth, floor-length, cocktail, etc. Being a bridekick is not only a great and humbling honor, but it’s a nice way to set aside lots of potential prom dresses for your future child. And secretly, I dream of one day excising all but maybe two pairs of jeans from my closet, and dressing exclusively in pretty dresses.

However, considering the fact that I have no closet space, this might be a bit of an issue.

On a side note, I looked at the most amazing apartment (sublet) yesterday, and was all ready to take it, and have my own place for a bit, live in a new part of town, when some chick swooped (SWOOP! GRASP!) out and lay down the deposit with lightning-fast flourish.

So now I’m back to a crappy roomshare for February. But we will survive. There is a closet. That can hold MAYBE two sweaters. Maybe.