I rate films based on how I feel as I’m walking out of them. Maybe I should do the same with relationships, but that’s for another time. I think the feeling you leave the cinema with is the most telling. So, using that as my litmus test for greatness, I present (drumroll please, purists, start your bickering!) my top five films of 2009:

1.) District 9 – The most original, inventive, and weirdly heartwarming and hopeful film in ages. Sharlto Copely…where the hell did you come from?! Amazing. Looking forward to more from him, and greater use of the word “prawn” in mainstream vocabulary.

2.) Star Trek – The best franchise reboot ever. So funny. So fun. So damn enjoyable I forgave them for erasing the fact that Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ever happened (but if they want to remake it, that’s cool!) Viva J.J. Abrams and a brilliantly cast team.

3.) Up – If you didn’t cry in that first montage of Carl and Ellie’s life, you have no soul. And if you didn’t laugh at the talking dog, you are bonkers. A little depressing for a Pixar offering, but still, a really beautiful film.

4.) Invictus – Best sports movie since The Mighty Ducks! Just kidding. Nothing is as good as Ducks! A well crafted film that made you think about a lot of issues (racism, rebuilding a country, forgiveness) but never got bogged down in them. Awesomely shot sports scenes, and high fives for actors making valiant headway against INSANELY difficult South African accents.

5.) 500 Days of Summer – A funny, romantic, painfully honest look at the fact that love often fails.

And the worst?

1.) Gamer – I’m so sorry Michael C. Hall. Not even you could save this piece of crap film. It’s actually become a joke between me and Brian (my stalwart movie going companion) about who will receive this movie on DVD as a gift first. It’s like the fruitcake no one wants.