On FB, it’s Doppelganger week, in which you are encouraged to post a picture of the celebrity whom you are told most often that you resemble. In truth, since high school, I’ve always gotten Keri Russell, which I LOVE but think is being a bit generous. I mean, I remember going to the movies, and the excitable/probably high fellow taking tickets kept tugging my arm and telling me I looked like “Felicity before that dumb girl cut her hairs.”  While I don’t want to slander Ms. Russell’s good name, sometimes if I squint I think I see the similarities between us.

However, in my mind’s eye (which someday I would like someone to explain to me how and why my mind got itself an eye) I feel more like dis:

That’s right. El Chupe! The goat-slayer. Who apparently, at least in this photo, has taken up Dodgeball.