Bravo TV – purveyor of such insanity classics as Top Chef (which I actually love) The Real Housewives (all of whom should be displayed in a zoo), Work Out (viva Jackie!), and The Millionaire Matchmaker have also brought us Shear Genius, a hair stylist competition that has unleashed stars such as Tabitha (go Tabitha!) and Doctor Boogie.

This show has been hosted by such illustrious celebrities as that lady from Charlie’s Angels, some other chick, and now, Matthew McConaghey’s BabyMama, Camila Alves.

WHAT?!? Until she let Matty Mac (because I’m pretty sure I refuse to spell McConaghey incorrectly half a dozen times) stick a bongo-lovin’ surf baby or two in her, she was just another gorgeous model.

And yes, she’s RIDICULOUSLY HOT. I’m not going to contest that. But since when does being a hot celeb whose greatest claim to fame was getting pregnant, land you a reality show?!? I mean, who the fuck was Padma before Top Chef? Salman Rushdie’s hot wife! How Bravo selects hosts is beyond me. But I want in. You hear me Bravo?!? I wanna piece of this!!