Ok. It’s entirely possible I’m just a bit touchy, but I think Vanity Fair’s recent cover practices are a bit sketchy. Here is why:

Last months cover featured athlete-in-personal-turmoil, Tiger Woods.

The only reason he’s even ON the cover is sensationalism. The photos are actually old ones that they just brought up and slapped on the cover! Why this magazine felt the need to sink to the level of an US Weekly, and just talk about this fallen role model, is beyond me. How about great black men who are actually doing amazing things with their lives? We need inspiration, men of color who have worked hard and are making a difference in their chosen professions, be they athletes, teachers, politicians, actors,  musicians, whatever. Get some great black authors! Where’s Colson Whitehead! Put him on the cover! He’s mega talented! But to just regurgitate the whole Tiger thing is just….crass. It’s crass! And to use a “sexy times” photo is just shoveling the shit. Adding dirt to dirt. You’d think (or at least I would, but maybe I’m naive) that Vanity Fair was a bit classier than that.

Which leads to this month’s cover, my favorite, the Hollywood Issue. I love the portraits. I think they’re epic. The covers tend to alternate between groups of actors or actresses who have made a bold impact on the industry over the year. 2010 edition was all about pretty young things…who all happen to white and petite.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Carey Mulligan is going places, and has the cutest haircut this side of ever. Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, and Anna Kendrick are mad talented.

The rest…..I can really take or leave. Which is not to say I have strong feelings for them either way but my main question is WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PEOPLE OF COLOR?!?!

Where is Gabourey Sidibe? Where is Zoe Saldana? How about Sandra Oh? Or Archie Panjabi? Archie Panjabi is doing the best work on TV right now and she deserves magazine covers.

The shape of Hollywood is never going to change if it doesn’t start at the very basic step, which are the faces that are being presented on a regular basis to me, the consumer.  Even as a white girl, I’m a little freaked out at having my own (albeit superior in looks) kind shoved down my throat. I want to see people who don’t look like me. Isn’t that a huge part of films and television? To explore lives different from your own?

And what kills me is Vanity Fair has done this before. August 2008. Looks like Kristen Stewart is trying to pass a gallstone. Relax baby! Most of your peers make $6.50 an hour. Lighten up.

Using Seyfried and Stewart TWICE while overlooking talented actresses of color absolutely kills me. I hope Vanity Fair gets BOMBARDED with letters about this. In fact, feel free to cut and paste this to them. I just might.