Seeing as I am in a grumpy-ass mood today, I am presenting my first annual GRUMP LIST. The following people (in my opinion) should be banished from planet earth.

1.) Tila Tequila.

2.) The “Bling Ring” of rich, spoiled, greedy teenagers who robbed a bunch of celebrities (granted, celebrities who are stupid as fuck and don’t seem to have home security that can withstand a bunch of retarded teenagers)

3.) The majority of contestants and panelists on “America’s Next Top Model”

4.) People who make a ton of money at a fun job and still whine about it publicly – ok, mostly celebrities. Please remember a huge amount of your fellow man are unemployed and struggling.

5.) Creepy men. Accidentally making eye contact is not an excuse to unleash your creepiness on a lady.

6.) Starbucks Nemesis #1 – Fat loud broad wearing tights (!) as athletic wear, shouting instead of talking like a real human being, at the barista for well over 20 minutes. Can I tell her to shut her mouth and put on some pants?!? There was way too much underwear up in that piece for comfort. Couldn’t gage how the barista felt, but my God, she was like a braying cow in spandex.

7.) Starbucks Nemesis #2 – BITCH barista. Straight up bitch. This girl has some kind of insane attitude problem (this coming from the girl writing the grump list!) Rude as fuck to me every time, and can’t count change for shit. Dumb as a stump and a giant waste of space. She’s actually so unpleasant that if she’s working, I”ll go to another location now, and I’m actually thinking of lodging a complaint about her. Like, I know the job sucks. You serve a lot of rude people. But we’ve all been there girl. And not everyone looks down on you. Give a good attitude, maybe you’ll get a good one back.

8.) The entire cast of Jersey Shore, especially Snooki. Dear God, make them go away…..foreverrrrr….