Dear Fellow Lovers of Music,

What the dickens is up with us as a collective whole where a song as ABYSMAL as “Tik Tok” can stay in the Top Ten so long!?! Yes, the refrain is a good, party-bumpin’ anthem, but Kesha’s faux rap-singing in between is so awful I’m pretty sure my ears and nose bleed every time I hear it. It’s like listening to a sexed up doormouse who magically speaks Human English, has a drinking problem, and got a recording deal.

I don’t quite know what her handlers are thinking, but it’s clear under that Mad Max(factor) makeup and unbrushable hair that Kesha is a pretty girl. She actually looks a lot like that blonde from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (don’t judge me!) But I really do just want to slap that trashy smirk right off her face. Smile baby! You’re rich!

On the other end of the spectrum is an artist I’m really coming to like. Both a powerhouse vocalist and author of many of her (and other artists) songs, is Keri Hilson, who won no Grammys and that is a freaking crime.

A of all. Look at her face. It’s gorgeous. But the fact that “Knocks You Down” was all over the stations at my work last spring into the fall and I never got tired of it is a testament to good music. I really like her, and expect great things! Viva Keri!


A Tapered Mind