I was so heart-broken at the badness of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” I could have shed tears.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I LOVE these books. So despite the fact that the plunderer of the 1st two “Harry Potter” movies was at the helm, I foolishly maintained hope that this would not suck.

The comely young stars (call me in 10 years, Logan Lerman or Jake Abel) are easy on the eyes, but I don’t think they love the mythology and the world as much as we book loving dorks do.

And the script. HOLY SHIT. All the little details that make the world of Camp Half Blood and Olympus on earth so exciting were just butchered. Butchered and left for dead! As for the subplot of Kronos’ resurrection that fuels the entire series…..omitted. Just like that. I don’t know if they were taking precautions for a box office bomb, and they wanted a movie that was complete in itself, but so much was carelessly left out, I’m not sure my heart can take another film. I mean, how would they double back and fill in the blanks?

So Chris Columbus, you better stay away from me. Or I will throw a hissy fit in your face and step on your toes. HARD!