With the input of my brilliant friend (I mean, she’s Phd brilliant, the real McCoy) I have come up with a new idea for a buddy-crime-fighting-duo.

My friend Sarah was saying last week that a “Mysterious Stranger” had been kind enough to shovel out her driveway during the last snowstorm. She asked said Mysterious Stranger on FB to marry her, and other friends began commenting about other favors they would like the Stranger to do, such as finish their dissertation, make them cookies, find them a job, etc.

I decided that Mysterious Stranger couldn’t go around doing all these good deeds alone so he (I’ve decided he’s male) needed a sidekick…..Perplexing Acquaintance!

Together, MS and PA will go about fighting crime (small time crimes that actually lead to big ones) as well as performing menial good deeds that people really appreciate. And unlike Batman and Superman (those fame whores) MS and PA revel in keeping themselves secret and undiscovered by the public!

More to come. Possibly including drawings.