The recent box office disappointments of both Robert Pattinson’s “Remember Me” and Kristen Stewart’s “The Runaways” has sparked conversation about whether or not these two performers will have careers after the Twilight series comes to an end…..a day, it should be noted, that I will be dancing drunkenly in the streets and driving vampire-killing stakes into watermelons with glee…..

With these two big stumbling blocks, I truly believe these two performers will finally be able to slip into the “character actor” roles they claim to desire when the series ends. Both Stewart and Pattinson have derided their fame and longed to be able to do other projects. Part of me really does understand. You want to do work you’re proud of. You want your private life to stay private. I get it. Really.  But at the same time, WHAT THE FUCK and get over yourselves. Working actors are lucky, successful working actors are a miracle. Appreciate your time for what it is, and wait until everything blows over to return to your desired indie-film roots.

Teen idols come and go. For now they are here, in our faces, and on stupid fucking merchandise everywhere. But unless they pursue it, it won’t last, and the next big thing will step into the limelight soon enough. So hang tight vampires, and the women who love them, it won’t be soon before long.