Wow I took a 5 month break this time? Shows you how sucky things are, eh? Uft, my head.

Things to be addressed:

1.) I’m on painkillers. Huzzah. But that was hours ago and I need some more.  I think the teeth on the left side of my face are trying to kill me. They must be removed and destroyed. They have already hurt my center teeth, and are trying to make problems with both my left side ear and temple. Can teeth make your entire head explode? FUCK this hurts! Araaaaaggt4rrhrh! (the 4 is silent)

2.) Why can’t there be a mosque built near the WTC site? It’s not on the site! There are strip clubs and kinky ass sex shops near the site! This is just hatred, not even trying to hide. Maybe the clashes with the Muslim community would be fewer if non-Muslims stopped treating them like everyone is a terrorist. Is every Christian the descendant of someone from the Crusades? No? Well, I’ll be!

And not to keep being tricksy, but I believe America was founded on the belief of religious freedom. Denying Muslim people the right to pray near a site where some bad shit happened because of a few bad people is just absurd, and it makes the sacrifices of both those who died in the attacks and the brave soldiers who fight overseas seem petty. I also think (but there I go being tricksy again!) that you can’t just cherry-pick what Founding Fathers-isms you like best just to suit you. You can’t deny someone freedom to practice their religion, but then cling to your gun and say you need it to defend yourself, and you were given the right in the amendments.

Ground is not sacred. The way we treat each other is.

Chew on that. I’m off to medicate.