I just wrote this massive missive (say that five times fast) spouting my opinion that regardless of age, the effort to learn and employ correct spelling and grammar will take you far in life.

But my Facebook status was also about grammar, and I’m wondering if perhaps I’m just running the topic into the ground and being a bit of a jerk about it. Maybe people didn’t have great English teachers who really hammered the grammar (thank you Mr. Weiman!) Maybe it just comes more easily to me. I’m like the lamest member of the X-Men….Grammar Girl! “Watch out linking verbs! Your day has come!”
So I saved that entry as a draft, and instead I’m going to write about a topic that is considerably lighter and fluffier.

Getting personal on uncomfortable topics. With friends you really care about.

I’m in the middle of a first draft of an article on Young Adult Caretakers – people in their 20s who put their lives on pause to help care for sick and dying parents. It’s a topic obviously near to my heart, and having had three dear friends who’ve gone (or are still going) through a similar thing, I sent them emails requesting short interviews – I know their stories, but to write a good article, I needed to phrase questions in ways that might be deemed too personal. I would never want to make my friends uncomfortable, so I’m treading as lightly as I can, but still trying to write something that as a final product, will really enlighten and move people. The three have been amazing, and reading what they’ve written moves me to tears on a regular basis – people I love and respect have become even more extraordinary – and I want to do their stories justice. It’ll take a while to get the article just the way I want it (hoping for a late April completion) so stay tuned.