Day 3. Still here.

At what point do you say ‘enough is enough?’ And I’m not talking about dropping this blog again (although I’m sure my less than cheerful entries won’t exactly lure people back in droves). I’m talking about hope that a string of bad events will finally let up, and you’ll start to feel better. That maybe you’ll get cut a break.

When people say “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” I keep feeling the need to remind them that eventually something will in fact, just kill me. It’s antagonistic, and terribly unhelpful, but it slips out.

Then I read articles, or watch things on TV about people doing good, important things with their lives, and I know it’s not all bad, but the lack of good in front of me, of anything tangible, is really wearing me down a bit. Even trying to be the catalyst of good myself, doesn’t seem to lift my spirits.

Day 3 of the return has obviously not been good for me. And with a double shift (what was I thinking?) tomorrow at work, the next entry will likely be drowsy one. But hopefully with more cheer.  Maybe this picture of adorable kittens will spur a better entry tomorrow.


Kittens Who Are Adorable