Today, the mayor of NYC is expected to sign into law a bill that will prohibit smoking in public parks, pedestrian plazas,  and beaches.

And even as a non-smoker (or really, someone who only picks up a cigarette after an abysmally stressful day) I think this kind of sucks. Because as much as I think it’ll be good to have fewer cigarette butts in public locales, it’s still in my opinion an over-policing of how New Yorkers live their lives.

Some argue that it will cut down dramatically on secondhand smoke inhalation. But if that’s such a concern, I’d recommend moving out of the city altogether, seeing as street grit, bus exhaust, and general smog have probably done more to take time off your life than the waft from a cigarette ever would. This is a free country. If smokers, who are now VERY well educated on the consequences of their choice, want to smoke, let them. I’m so sick of those people who huffily move out of the way of someone who is quietly smoking, and not exhaling in their face. It’s just so damn self-righteous. Allergies are one thing, but maybe you stink too. Can we police body odor? Bad choices of perfume? I’m just not sure where it stops.

My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it! Maybe I want a…..nah, just kidding. I’m not worked up at all.